A story by Gina Merrett Smith, Jane Austen set in 1950’s …

Escape to the Country 

No one could have dreamed how the day would turn out. Four young sisters, Ruby, Enid, Faith and Bobbie, wearing pretty swirling dresses, setting out early, on a hot summer’s day in 1954 to visit Granville Manor House. They all wanted to get away from their mother’s insistent all of a tither chattering,  and whose dream for  her girls was for them to marry wealthy men.  Their father had to put up with all the rows and frustrations in this female household and shutting himself off in his tranquil study for a quiet read of his favourite book.

Enid had recently passed her driving test, and, in her very second-hand car, took the opportunity to visit the house and grounds on the open day.  Later, during the journey, Bobbie announced ‘she had to go!’   Soon, an appropriate woodland came into view,   The  car jerked to a standstill. Bobbie rushed out, used the facilities; after she returned,  all were eager to reach their destination.

By this time the heat was intense, the car very stuffy, even with the windows open.   Enid sensed something  was not right with the car; however, they continued the journey, after taking two wrong turns, with Ruby and Faith arguing madly in the back. They finally reached the entrance to Granville Manor. Ahead was a long winding shingle driveway, the dust rising as the car tyres hit the surface.

Then, disaster; the car had become overheated, steam bellowed from under the bonnet, like a massive geyser. Enid stopped and leaped out of the car, telling her sisters to wait until it had cooled down.

The girls were having feelings of anger and disappointment.   Suddenly, through the dust and steam, in the distance, they saw ‘him’… A young man in shorts and light shirt standing in front of the house poised at the edge of a beautiful lake, ready to dive into the water.  They giggled, as he then dived in  like a silent torpedo; reaching the other side, he climbed out onto the bank revealing  his handsome physique, his clothes clinging to his body, ‘what a dream’ their sexual passions arising!

Enid filled the car radiator with water…


©Gina Merrett Smith 2016


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