The Fox Glove Summer

Leaving the city to live in the Cornish countryside with her parents was a real turn a round for Nicky. They had moved because of her asthmatic health  condition. The thought of the change was so exciting, everything new, except she was going to miss all her friends at the old school.

Several weeks passed, and she had settled down well in school, home and her social activities. The new friendship with kindly fellow student Tom was gaining momentum, and they formed a trust together.

One day, Tom suggested ‘perhaps they could visit an old church in the district one summer’s evening’. Nicky readily agreed. The arrangement was made to meet on the rickety old bridge leading to the church when the sun was just setting, mosquitoes’ at play in its rays. No one else was about that evening, as they hurried past yew trees, and graves with headstones clinging with moss and lichen. The church yard was not attended well. Unusually, many  large foxgloves filled the sacred space guarding over old loved ones resting places. For a moment Nicky was memorized by the sight.

Tom called ‘’ this way’’. They entered at the rear of the church,  down some worn stone steps towards a  heavy door which made an expected creaking sound as they pushed it open. The inside was extremely dark and spooky, smelling damp, with plenty of cobwebs.  Luckily Tom had brought his torch, and they could see in the gloom an old oak vestment cupboard.  He had confidence to investigate.  The two crept towards the cupboard.  Its door was ajar just a fraction, they decided to be brave and with one hearty pull opened the door.  Peering into the back was nailed a frail large worn gauntlet, upon which was a raised fox head emblem. The two stared at this unexpected treasure.

Suddenly, the eyes of the fox grew larger and became a vibrant green, rays of a luminescent light shot from them.  Nicky and Tom both screamed and holding each other, then ran to the exit hoping the creature wouldn’t follow.  Climbing the stone steps into the darkening evening;  being horrified at what they had just witnessed.  Nicky couldn’t catch her breath and fumbled for her inhaler; she  collapsed  hitting her head on the ground.  Tom shouted for help  and started to panic…

©Gina Merrett Smith 2016


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