Introducing another Somerset writer, James Purcell:

Travel to the north

“You want to travel to the north!”

“I’m told that I can find work there.”

“Why did you come to me, did the sheep think I would tell you the way to find the dark and dangerous path?”

“The village elders said that you were the only one to travel that far.”


“Will you tell me?”

The old traveller looked at the young man knowing that he would not get ride of him until he gave him directions.

“You need to follow the northern shire road through the land of the summer people until you find the lost shire of the river Avon, there you will find a path that leads up the mountain, along the ridgeway and down to the dark waters.”

“Then what?”

“That is the start of the dark lands. You will need to travel east to find the troll bridge or west to find the ferryman. You will need two crowns to pay him to get you safely across. Avoid heading to the castle and head north, you will then find the coach road that will lead you to the northern realms and the promise of work. “

You can find James Purcell here:

.. and here:


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