Discussion Forum

We have decided to launch a new feature to our blog.

This is our new discussion forum. It is intended to be separate, but linked to the blog. So it is really an adjunct ( Isn’t that a lovely word? )

We have done this so we all have an open forum to discuss almost anything. There are a couple of posts on there already about geology, book reviews, writing ( of course ), characters, book reviews, illustrating, poetry etc.. We would welcome nearly any subject as long as it isn’t obscene, defamatory etc. We would probably decline discussions about politics and religion or any area that tends to stir up angry feelings as we dragons are a peaceable lot – having had our fangs extracted and our fire lighting apparatus disabled.

We would like to explore any areas that you would like to talk about in addition to those areas already delineated so we will happily provide new areas as they become necessary. If there is not an area for your speciality, please post it under ‘general’ with a note requesting a new area and then we will provide it.

What about discussing linking two of the arts together – perhaps music and writing – fiction or non?
Which music pieces go well with the written word already written or a bespoke piece you have written?
What about a piece of your writing that you would link to a favourite painting or sketch?

There are no end to the possibilities we think?

We hope you will join us there and take part in what we hope will be many lively debates.

Go on – give it a try!

This is the link to the forum




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