Lois Elsden reflects on why she writes…

Why do I want people to read my books… that is quite a difficult question to answer. I suppose it’s the same for singers or musicians or oral story-tellers… why do we feel that we have to perform, why do we seek an audience, why do we think people might want to attention to us?

For many people writing is a way to earn a living, but even then, it must be more than that; you create something or deliver something and somehow it’s not enough to do it for yourself.  So is it just self-gratification, do we do it for the buzz we get and having a reaction, good, bad or indifferent? Is it somehow trying to ratify or recognize or maybe validate what we do?

I’m not claiming to be a great writer, I’m not in competition with other writers, but I would like people to read what I write, to choose my book…

I have these tales in my head, and I enjoy playing with them, I write them down and I enjoy the process, and the editing and refining…why can’t I just leave it like that? Why have I always sent stuff to publishers, entered writing competitions, tried to find a literary agent? In the past it might have been to become a professional writer, but now I no longer work and can and do write all day, why do I self-publish what I write and then try and publicise and promote it?

Why? Because I want to share, I have a compulsion to tell, as a singer has to sing, and part of that telling or singing is to have a listener or reader, otherwise, for me a lot of the joy would vanish… talking to yourself is not as much fun as having a conversation!

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