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My Aunty Audrey was my mother’s eldest sister and was very much part of our lives, especially when I was a baby, child and teenager. I remained very close to her all her life until she descended into dementia. When she died, although very sad, I could not be sorry. She was born in 1920 and died in 2006.

I wrote this poem the morning after she died; the title is from a song by Robert Reynolds

Audrey in a dream

 I’ve been thinking of you all day,
A Sunday, drifting past, blossoms on trees, primroses’ pale brightness on grassy banks…
We saw violets yesterday, purple and white and I remembered the old woman on petty Curie
‘Vi’lets, luvly vi’lets…’
And as the blossoms drift from the trees in the April breeze
My mind drifts to you and I think of you
And I think of your life, part of mine,
Ebbing away, I think of you drifting from this life…

 Just now I saw a night plane from my window
It flew north-east, lights flashing as it banked and turned
It seemed a metaphor for you
Leaving me, leaving us…

 You were always there, from my earliest times…
Every memory…
Of Christmas, Sunday lunch, holidays…
Your hand ever open, like your heart

 And you were part of the chain, a link to those I love
Your sisters… and others further back,
Names you brought alive by memories and stories you had to tell
 You were the hub, and we all spun nearer or farther,
But always a part, not apart,
The family, your family.

 You’re leaving us
But you will remain,
You’ll stay
With us, whenever we’re together and talk of happy times
You’ll be with us then

 I can’t say don’t go,
Its time
My tears rise and I’m sad
But its time, for you, to go.

©Lois Elsden 2016

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