Here are the answers to the quiz we set on Friday:

  1. John Lennon was murdered by an admirer of which American author? J D Salinger
    2. Who wrote the Canterbury Tales? Geoffrey Chaucer
    3. Which Shakespeare play is known by actors as “the Scottish play”? Macbeth
    4. Who wrote the Father Brown detective stories? G K Chesterton
    5. Guy Crouchback was the hero of the trilogy Sword of Honour. Who wrote them? Evelyn Waugh
    6. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning is set in which English city? Nottingham.
    7. What was the name of Donald Crowhurst’s trimaran? Teignmouth Electron
    8. What was the name of Bob Cratchit’s crippled son? Tiny Tim
    9. The Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden are novels by which US author? John Steinbeck
    10. Apart from literature, what have George Eliot and George Sands in common? Both women.
    11. What was Sherlock Holmes first adventure called? A Study in Scarlet.
    12. In which Shakespeare play is the hero at war with the Volsces? Coriolanus
    13. Which Scottish author created Inspector Rebus? Ian Rankin
    14. Which English poet died fighting in a Greek civil war? Lord Byron
    15. In Sweeney Todd-The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, what were Mrs Lovett’s famous meat pies made from? Todd’s customers
    16. Which British writer was interned by the Germans in World War 2? P.G. Wodehouse
    17. Name the Ancient Greek famous for his fables. Aesop
    18. Tommy Steele appeared in a Musical based on “Kipps” a work by which British author? H G Wells
    19.Who first came to public attention with newspaper articles called “Sketches by Boz”. Charles Dickens
    20. Who wrote “Around the World in Eighty Days”? Jules Verne
    21. Which Cornish resident wrote “Rebecca”? Daphne du Maurier
    22. A recent TV programme was called Room 101. Which novel featured the original Room 101?
    23. What connects the previous answer to Eric Blair? He was George Orwell, the author.
    24. Who was Shakespeare married to? Ann Hathaway
    25. Who wrote “A History of the English-Speaking People’s”? Winston Churchill.

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