We three dragons that started and now run this blog have got in the habit of meeting up about every two weeks or so to discuss how the blog is going, what we need to change and anything else we need to talk about.

We sometimes meet at each other’s homes if we need access to a computer to puzzle out how to solve a particular problem which is usually to do with wordpress not general computery stuff. We have gone away from this idea for two reasons; one is that it is good to get away from the computer for a couple of hours to talk about issues to do with the blog and the other is that, going to different places gives a chance to look at people and places that might morph into characters or settings for our  writing. So beware if you see a huddle of three dragons in a cafe or garden centre somewhere, drinking strong coffee, papers scattered on the table, making notes and observing what is going on around them – you may end up as a character in a book!

We had one of our meetings in the coffee shop of an adventure park recently and all went according to our agenda as a few problems were sorted out and a slight change in the way forward agreed. After a couple of hours, it was time to go. We strolled out of the door and headed toward the car park. The path led onto a short bridge over a rhyne which was half full of water.  The surface was completely hidden beneath a dense growth of weed. We stopped on the bridge to see a family of swans coming down the stream towards us. They were in single file and as they swam along, they gently parted the weed to make a channel in the water. They ignored us, as is their right, and gently paddled on towards wherever they were going, four young ones followed by the parents with one ‘child’ following.

It was such a magical moment that it just had to be recorded.

© Richard Kefford                                                                                                        Eorðdraca


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