This excellent poem by J. Willcocks is based on her actual experiences of reading poetry at bus stops! Sadly however, the sheep in our featured image may have been more interested than the people in the queue! We would stop, listen, enjoy, applaud!

Making an Impact   

Here I am reading poetry
to you
at the bus stop.

I could have been at home
slashing my wrists
with the knife
I use for paring the vegetables.

Or swallowing Mogadon
and coffee
whilst exchanging
social chit chat and biscuits
with my contemporaries.

Perhaps I might
throw myself beneath the wheels
of the number nine,
still clutching my poem
to make sure
it makes an impact.

Instead I write,
all the anger
like disembowelled guts
spilling out
word by bloody word
onto the clean, white paper.

and find release
reading to you
at the bus stop.


©J.Willcocks October 2016


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