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Customer service – Chapter 10

Inspector Jenkins and Sergeant Smith stood by the departure gate at Heathrow. The flight to Miami had just started boarding. They were waiting for the tip-off from the gate staff when Robert presented his ticket and boarding card, just in case they didn’t recognise him.

Harry Roberts strode up, quite unsuspecting. The Inspector took him by the arm and said the usual words, ‘I am arresting you, Henry Williams, in connection with fraud. You do not have to….’

Harry said nothing as Sergeant Smith clipped on the handcuffs in front of the disbelieving other passengers.


Harry had packed just enough clothes to look as if he was going on holiday, not leaving the country for good. His flat was left to give the same impression. Even his lap top was left behind but when the police got a warrant to search the place and confiscate his computer, they found nothing. Harry had taken the precaution of replacing his hard drive with a new one and deleted the data on the old one with a hammer. It was the only type of deletion he really trusted. He rang his agent to tell him of the successful conclusion to the job and wished Tegwyn a final ‘Good-bye.’

When the interview started, the police had no real evidence of fraud, just that William / George / Henry  / had stopped the pay-outs to 36 customers and had taken over the responsibility of the direct debits. They tried to get out of Henry the reason he had done this but he kept schtum. His lawyer summed up by saying, ‘you have no information that my client committed fraud. In fact he saved the company many large pay-outs and continued to pay the direct debits. It seems to me that Henry saved the company several million pounds and cost them nothing. I think he is free to go, unless you have evidence that shows my client has committed any offence? The only offence that I can see he committed was to be too diligent in his job, he didn’t like paying out the capital.’

‘Err, well, I suppose so,’ said the inspector.

‘In that case, I expect the police to reimburse my client for the cost of the flights that he missed because of the arrest,’ said Peter Mason. ‘Goodbye.’


William sat back in his seat in the first class cabin of the Airbus A380 and ruminated on the events of the last five years. He had a total of over $3 million in various bank accounts and he would spend the rest of his life on Andros Island, in his villa, surrounded by clear blue seas, gently lapping on long sandy beaches. Just the occasional 10 minute flight to Nassau when he wanted a change or a visit to one of his banks.

He regretted the 36 lives that had enabled all of this but he thought he could live with the occasional nightmare, after all, no one had ever complained about the customer service he provided. It had been better than herding sheep.

‘Not bad for an actuary,’ he thought as he sipped his complementary glass of chilled Sancerre, after a lunch of sirloin steak.

‘It’s not even Friday,’ he silently gloated to himself


© Richard Kefford                                                                                                        Eorðdraca


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