Here are two more competitions… take your mind of all the things you haven’t done/should have done/need to have done for the big event tomorrow… go to your writing place instead, it’s much happier and less stressful there! To inspire you and to help you find success we suggest you enter the Bath Novella-in-Flash and the Flash Fiction Award

About the award… Bath Flash Fiction

… host two international flash fiction writing competitions; the Bath Flash Fiction Award, and the Bath Novella-in-Flash Award. Entrants have the opportunity to appear in our print and digital books.

Novella-in-Flash Award

What is a novella-in-flash? Read the interview with our judge Meg Pokrass.
Runs once per year, full details in the rules. In summary:

  • 7000 to 18000 word limit – each flash should not be more than about 1000 words.
  • £300 prize for the winner, two runner-up prizes of £100.
  • Winner and two runners-up are published in a one-volume three-novella collection. Each published author receives five copies.
  • Novella Award judge, Meg Pokrass chooses the winner and two runners-up from a shortlist of ten.
  • The Novella-in-Flash Award closes Midnight GMT January 31st 2017.
  • Enter the Novella-in-Flash Award here online.

Flash Fiction Award

What is flash fiction? Read the interview with our judge Kathy Fish.
Runs three times per year, full details in the rules. In summary:

  • 300 word limit.
  • £1000 prize for the winner, £300 second and £100 third. Two commendations £30 each.
  • 50 longlisted entrants offered publication in our end of year print and digital anthology. Those accepting receive a free copy.
  • Flash Award judge, Kathy Fish shortlists to 20 and chooses the winning, second, third, and two commended fictions.
  • The Flash Fiction Award closes Midnight GMT February 12th 2017.
  • Enter the Flash Fiction Award here online.


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