Random thoughts for 2017. Answers please.

Why is there only one Monopolies Commission?

If all molecules of Uranium 235 are exactly the same, why do some molecules decay today and some wait for millions of years. How do they know when it is their turn. Scientists say that it is just quantum randomness – what does that mean? Do they know?

Define pain. Can you take pain away from the human body and measure it? The same question for red – not red paint or sunburnt skin but just red on its own. What about angry – or other qualia? How heavy is angry? Does your lap top get heavier as you add more files?

Does the world exist or is it just a human construct? Does it depend how you look at it – try standing on your head – the world has changed. Does it look different to other people if they have a different point of view? Does the world look different to everyone? If you have a cataract in only one eye so that the world looks different depending on which eye you use – which one is ‘right’? Try this with sun glasses, which view is correct – the one you see with glasses on or with glasses off. A bat sees the world through sound – is their’s a different world to ours? Bees can see ultraviolet which is invisible to us, do they live in a different world?

If different people see and experience a different world, is it any wonder that they have different views on things – is this the cause of many wars?

Some insects live for a very short time – only one or more days. We now live up to a hundred or so years. Do we live our lives at different speeds to insects. Do they cram as much living as us into just a few days?

Some rocks have been in the same place for millions or billions of years – do they get bored? ( I don’t mean drilling for oil ) Is metamorphism just a pleasant change for them? Do they get impatient that geological time is so long or do they slow their lives down ? Is anthropomorphism just for humans?

We are changing the world very quickly but we are still living in the same bodies as stone age hunter gatherers. Will evolution speed up to compensate to make us fit for living in polluted cities or will we have to change ourselves through genetic engineering so that we can live in huge tribal groups crammed together because there are so many of us. Can we manage to live like this without constant wars?

Why is everything almost totally space. Why and how do we experience things as solid? Why don’t I fall through this chair I am sitting on? A hydrogen atom is 99.9999999999996% empty space but what is ‘empty space’? Is it a vacuum when it it is filled by the quantum probability field of an electron being there? What are quarks made of?

The human body is 98% replaced every year so how can illnesses last longer than a year? How do we retain memories longer than a year? Are memories patterns in our brains or more qualia? Does a laptop computer get heavier as you load more files on to it?

If the universe is expanding since the big bang so that everything is moving away from everything else – why is that movement accelerating?  As it passes the speed of light, we will not be able to see things so will space then be empty for us or will new things pop into existence for us to see? If you wind the clock backwards then that means that everything stops moving at the big bang singularity – what then happened before the big bang?

Why is the universe so big. How big is it. Does it have an edge at the end or does space-time curl back on itself?

If there are so many stars – one billion trillion ‘approx.’ in the observable universe – why haven’t we heard from our neighbours yet? We have been sending out an expanding electromagnetic sphere field for many years – why has no one answered? Why can we not see fields from other civilisations? Why is no one knocking on our door? Are we alone? How unlikely is that? Ask Dr Drake.


Why are there always more questions than answers and what would happen if there were no rhetorical questions?


© Richard Kefford                                                                                                        Eorðdraca


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4 thoughts on “Random thoughts for 2017 – answers please.

  1. I feel that is a philosophy of despair. We have gained more knowledge in the last 20/50 years than in the rest of homo sapiens existence! I refuse to give in – I want to know everything about the world! We are making new discoveries every day – think of the advances in genetics and medicine resulting soon in individually tailored medicines for example and many, many other wonders!


  2. That’s excellent Martha, reminds me of the Royal Society motto, ‘Nullius in verba’, which I think translates as ‘take nobody’s word for it’ or as I tend to say, ‘show me the evidence!’ Carl Popper was a great advocate of ‘falsification. Same as doubt I think?


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