The Moving Dragon wants to encourage everyone who wants to write… stuck for an idea? For the first six weeks of this New Year, we are offering suggestions and ideas. See if any of our suggestions give you that spark!

We have been sharing our ideas for a week now… here’s a list of what we’ve suggested so far:

  1. Doors… stepping through doors or gates…
  2. Here is a scenario for you to consider… You are in the lounge of a hotel and you notice a woman in her forties on the next table. A man enters, and their eyes meet for a long couple of seconds, but he turns away. The woman’s husband is at the bar; he greets the man as a colleague. The husband brings the man over to his wife and introduces them as if they were strangers to each other…
  3. Narrator – This is an important aspect of your story and is often established in the opening. So, who is telling the story? Is it you? The unknown all seeing narrator, who knows what is going on in every character’s mind and who can see it from everyone’s point of view? In a short story all these aspects are of vital importance in order for the reader to properly understand and see what the writer wants them to see. Rewrite a well-known story, a fairy-tale maybe, or something of your own – but focus on the narrator, be aware of who it is who is telling this tale.
  4. The senses – Here is a reminder of the five senses; use them in writing, but today emphasise and highlight the sense of smell in your piece: smell can be very effective, pleasant and unpleasant, subtle or overpowering, elusive or unavoidable; hearing; sight; touch; taste.
  5. Here is a scenario for you to consider: You’ve strayed into a seedy part of town; rounding a corner there’s an elderly man on the other side of the road having a blazing row with a portly young man. He’s furious, trying to hit the younger one who hurries away. The old man leans against a wall as if about to collapse. A bouncer in the doorway of a club goes and helps the old man, taking him into the club.
  6. Inspiration – Where do stories come from? Here are some ideas: a dream or day dream; an observation of people in the street, on a bus, in a shop, on the beach, walking by a river; people you don’t know but see arguing, kissing, ignoring each other, looking at each other, fighting, smiling secretively; an incident you observed or witnessed
  7.  Look to your own life for inspiration – you don’t have to tell the truth, you can just play around with ideas, change names, details, events – or you can write biographical or memoir pieces:  life story/my story; my life in music/sport/theatre etc; my travels; school story; work story; romantic/adventure/interesting; my life and my belief; my fantasy life; my hero/heroine someone I admire

You can find out what we Dragons write about here:


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