The Moving Dragon wants to encourage everyone who wants to write… stuck for an idea? For the first six weeks of this New Year, we are offering suggestions and ideas. See if any of our suggestions give you that spark!

We have been sharing our ideas for three weeks now… here’s a list of what we’ve suggested in the second week:

  • picture
  • Inspiration – Where do stories come from? Here are some ideas: a traditional story, myth or legend which suggests a modern re-telling; another story you read, saw on TV or as a film, which suggests a situation, series of events, characters which you can rework to make your own; the ‘what happened next’ of another story; a ‘what if…’ moment
  • Narrator – So, who is telling the story? Do several characters tell the story in the first person?
  • Inspiration Where do stories come from? Here are some ideas: a scrap of conversation you overheard; the lyric of a song; an experience you had; a strange coincidence
  • You are in the library, trying to find a book. A man is wandering about in the travel section, doing the same. A woman with a flame of red hair comes in. She sees the man and her face lights up; she goes up behind him and puts her arms round him and gives him a hug. He turns round and there are exclamations and apologies. He leaves the library… and she follows him.
  •  the five senses; smell,  hearing, sight, touch, taste
  • You come out of the supermarket loaded down with bags. As you cross the carpark, a bright yellow Citroen, driven by a teenage girl, accelerates past almost knocking you over. As you pick up your shopping you glance towards your car and see a man leaning against it, his face white and shocked. Was he hit? Is he hurt? He seems familiar… is he famous in some way?

You can find out what we write about here:


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