Two poems from Gillian.

Feeding the ducks

He stood alone by the lake,
an old man, in a coat
that had seen better days ten years ago.
Carefully crumbling bread
that might have done him some good,
he threw it to the cacophony
of ducks squabbling in the water.
“Come on my beauties” he said
“no pushing and shoving, now”.
Gently he threw some to the shy ones
pattering on the edge of the mob.
Then turning away he called an old black dog
with a grey muzzle and arthritic legs.
“That’s it for today” he said
“All the excitement’s done now”.
And together they walked slowly
towards the gate.



Oh heck, there’s a queue at the Ladies’
And I’m already bursting to pee.
Perhaps if I wound
My legs round and round
Someone would turn and see
And cry ‘Best go ahead of me, Mrs
You look about ready to pop
And we really don’t want a lot of wet knickers
And wee pouring all round the shop!’
But front faced and rigid they all stared ahead
Whilst my bladder got less and less tense
Then needs must, I decided
And by sex undivided
I made a mad dash for the Gents’

© Gillian Peall 2017


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