The Moving Dragon wants to encourage everyone who wants to write… stuck for an idea? For the first six weeks of this New Year, we are offering suggestions and ideas. See if any of our suggestions give you that spark!

Here is a scenario for you to consider…

You and a group of friends meet regularly to catch up with each-other’s news; when it is your turn to host the get-together, you invite a new neighbour to join you, a pleasant young woman in a wheel chair. She is funny and witty and full of life; her husband comes to the door to take her home. She becomes still and quiet, her head down, her face anxious as she thanks you for a pleasant afternoon. You walk with them to the door, and for a fleeting second, reflected in the hall mirror, you catch a secret look of glee on the young woman’s down-turned face…

You can find out what we write about here:


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