“Stones from the Muse – Runes for the Creative Journey” by Emily Herman and Jennifer Richard Jacobson is a book and set of stones with a symbol on each side. These ‘runes’ are such things as a window representing vision, a gavel suggesting judgement and an amulet for honour. The idea is to have objects which have a significance to aid creativity – you can pull out several from the bag, and use them together for inspiration, or ‘read’ them to help with such writing problems as getting stuck, having an empty head, being bored, feeling idle etc.

This idea can be used by anyone – anyone can gather a set of objects which can symbolise certain things – or be themselves and stimulate inspiration!

Here are the some items we share in a Moving dragon post last year:


See what you can write about using these five objects (or any others!)

  1. rosemary
  2. olive leaf
  3. boat
  4. dead flower
  5. seaglass

You can find out what we write about here:




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