A Valentines day poem from Gillian


The solitary square white envelope lay on the mat
By the front door.   Bending painfully,
She picked it up and took it into the back room.
Where she slit the envelope with the little silver knife
Which had been her father’s
And took out the card.

Tracing the big red heart with her finger
She admired the garland of forget-me-nots.
They had always been her favourite flowers,
With their simple blue faces.

He always remembered, that brave soldier
Who had been so ready to fight for Queen and Country.

Opening the card she blinked away tears as she read
“To my darling Sylvia– always in my heart”.

Later, she went into the cramped front parlour
And taking a big biscuit tin, with a picture of the Queen on it,
She laid the card inside, on top of the others,
Looking at the strong rounded letters on the envelope
She remembered she had always been proud of her handwriting.

© Gillian Peall


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