This Gillian’s reply to ‘Why’.
I protest because I want to make things better.
I protest because I want to build
I protest because I am not a yes-woman

And think the status quo is the best.

have learned, I am educated
And I know that things do not have to be like this.
I want to preserve our planet
To keep it cooler, to make it
A good place for all.   Including bacteria.

I am too old to march or camp
Which is why I help finance those
Charities which can, and do help others.
Others who have not even one tenth of what I have.

No system will ever work perfectly
Whether socialism, capitalism, communism
Dictatorship, democracy or oligarchy.

I want to be remembered as one
who fought for those less fortunate,
The refugees, the starving, the ill, the wounded
And those desolate from countries torn apart by war.
Wars using weapons manufactured here.

And if that means protesting against
What exists now
Then I will protest.

© Gillian Peall

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