Why do you protest?

Why not rather try to make life better?
Why destroy when you could build?
Why be against when you could be for?
Why hate when you could love?

You don’t understand? Then learn, educate yourself.
Why riot when you could join the police and make them better?
Why are you against; nuclear, coal, oil, gas, fracking, making electricity to power our hospitals. What is your alternative?
Where does the fuel come from to build windmills that don’t work?
Why are you against power stations to keep old people warm and lit?
Why set up protest camps when you could work an allotment?

Why say you are a socialist but act like a capitalist?
Why support socialism when you know it doesn’t work?
Why save polar bears but not bacteria?
Only save cuddly, cute animals?

Would you rather live in a cave?
Are you against your smart phone you use every day to organise your protests, making profit for the capitalists?

We are all human, let us work together.
If you feel strongly, be an MP, change things
Encourage change from within,
influence others.
Don’t just shout and march and protest.

Do you have better ideas?
When do we get to hear them?
Have you tried them?
Do they work?
What have you struggled to make better?

Have you written any good protest poems?
Have they changed anything, for the better?

Just take the easy way, carry on protesting…
Don’t just sit there, protesting, do something useful.

I protest against protest.

© Richard Kefford                                                                                 Eorðdraca


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