The book

I flick through the book nearly every day,
a check, a look, have they all gone away?
A note from Roger, Brian or Clive,
now we are men when once we were child,
starting school together at the age of five.

We are all so much older than we were then.
We all look back and wonder when?
Roger’s in Sweden, a Swedish life
Still translating in many tongues
Not yet retired, enjoying the strife

Brian’s retired, follows Brighton football
Worked with the police for the long haul.
Clive was a postman for many a long year
Not sure quite what he is doing now
Perhaps he will share, will we hear?

I link to Mick, a Royal Navy friend
We travelled the oceans, saw many a scend,
Atlantic, the Med, West Indies, Iceland.
Roaming the world, many stories to tell.
All only verbal, none in longhand

Many other ‘friends’, cyber ghosts all
From many places, short or long haul
All from the past, most alive, some passed.
So for a few, the book of the dead
Title of the book? Facebook – typecast?

© Richard Kefford                                                                                 Eorðdraca


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