Seven brief lessons on physics by Carlo Rovelli.

One of my fellow dragons on the blog team told me about a book that was proposed for her reading group. She wasn’t impressed at first as she is not really into physics but after a while she says that, while she didn’t understand most of the science, it was written in such a way that it was a pleasure to read – the sense of awe and wonder for the universe.

I decided to read it on her recommendation – I am so glad I did.
I have read a lot about science over the years as I have always been a geeky sort of person but this book opened my eyes much further. The author is a physicist, he clearly is on love with his work and explains things in such a way as to bring out his sense of wonder for the the beauty he finds around him – from the massive scale of the far reaches of the universe down to small ‘everyday’ things.

If you have never thought about relativity or quantum theory then this book is for you. It explains these things in a way that  a non scientist can relate to. There is almost no mathematics in the book, everything is explained in a clear logical way.

Don’t just believe me, look at the reviews of this book – in the usual place.

In summary, if you don’t attempt to read this book and so understand some of the enthralling beauty that physicists are privy to, then you are missing out on what every person who has some curiosity about how the universe works wants.

If you take my advice and read it then I would be very interested in hearing what you thought about it. Thank you.

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This stuff is very addictive and you may find yourself looking for more after reading this slim introduction.

I am now reading his other book.

REALITY IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS. By the same author.

I am finding it even more enthralling and beautiful than the introductory one above.

© Richard Kefford                                                                                 Eorðdraca


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