Writes of Spring – The Sea

 Red Herrings

The fish looked down as it flew along
Coconuts are very strong
But not so good as you and me
For making toast and brewing tea.

I wonder why, but do not dwell
Why kippers have a terrible smell
Fins and bones and teeth I ‘spose
How can they smell so, with no nose?

I love to fly all on my tod
Is this because I am a cod ?
I also like to sing and mutter
While eating jam on bread and butter.

The robin swam with grinning face
” I do wish that I could change plaice
With that fish up in the sky
How grand it is to be so high. ”

The stars swung down from lambent sky
The cow looked up and said “not I,
I don’t think I could jump the moon
Why not go and ask the spoon?”

The salty carnival in full flow
Crabs and winkles row on row
Davy Jones hoisting his sail
Admiring the feathers in the prawn’s cocktail

The squids went hand in hand in hand
Just behind the rubber band
“Why not brass?” did I hear?
Could not stretch to it – too dear.

Now for a coconut I reach
Stranded on a sandy beach
When the tide comes in it will be bobbing
Then eaten by the happy robin.

© Richard Kefford                                                                                 Eorðdraca

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