Take a fresh look at characters, that’s our suggestion for writing today!

  • Stay away from the stereotype!
  • Don’t take faces at face value!
  • Don’t expect love at first sight – sometimes a character has to grow on you – and your reader!
  • Make an effort with names – don’t just go for easy (lazy!) choices, and make sure the name fits the age of the character!
  • Give your characters an occupation, a birthday, a preference in what they eat and drink.
  • Describe them without clichés.
  • Give them negative and positive sides to their personality – we all have both!
  • if you don’t know what a current 11-year-old, 23-year-old, 47-year-old would wear – do a little research, the internet is full of sites selling clothes on-line

Here are some characters to think about and play with, give them names, give them personalities, give them relationships with each other, let them speak!


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