In our spring suggestions of what to write to shake off that dormant feeling, today we are thinking about ‘place’ in our writing. We are thinking about place as a location – tomorrow we’ll think about place in time.


  • a special place
  • a favourite place
  • a happy/sad place
  • a historical place
  • a place you visited
  • the place your characters in habit which maybe an imaginary place or a real place!

It’s easy to remember to write about the visual aspects of a place – whether you are in the scene or your characters are there. However, don’t forget how the other senses can enhance your descriptions:

  • sounds – think of man-made noise, animal/bird noise, wind, echoes, indeterminate/unidentifiable noise
  • touch – think of the textures of rocks, water, trees, grass, damp walls, rough wood, and think of what you feet and skin feel too
  • taste – air tastes different in different places, cold air different from hot
  • smell – specific places have really personal smells, be aware of them as well as the scent of the clichéed new-mown hay, pine forests, fume-filled streets

If you’re writing about a real place and can’t remember, you can always make it up! If you’re visiting a place in order to write about it, have a mental or actual checklist of sensations!

Places have associations and memories, mentioning them can add a dimension to your writing. Choose adverbs and adjectives carefully, run a million miles from tired old similes we’ve read so many times before, be fresh and original

Now here are some places:


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