In our hints and suggestions for getting cracking with the writing, we mentioned yesterday about settings, and we offered some suggestions on writing about place in the sense of a physical location.

Another thing to consider is place in time, when is your story or piece of writing set, how can you make it more vivid and interesting to your reader, and authentic too? The same basic principles apply, using senses to convey information – for example the smell of smog or the stink of open sewers or the sound of horses and the wagons they’re pulling or the hiss of steam trains. Imply as well as being explicit in your  writing can suggest in a subtle way that the reader is no longer in 2017.

With the internet research is much easier, but it’s the little things which enrich your writing, for example, in the 1920’s “Everyone owned a plaid overcoat and every man had a plaid, check or striped suit, dress shirt, and pyjamas,” – so dress your character accordingly!

Have a look at this site for when your people are eating – at home or elsewhere:

Check what music was popular, maybe your characters go to a concert, go to a music hall, attend a wedding and dance to a band, maybe they go to a disco in the sixties –

One little extra thought – don’t get too hung up on being completely correct, a strong story-line and good, believable characters are much more important, you can fudge the period details!



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