We have shared these before,  but have a look at these scenarios, and see if you can write something from them… remember POV, point of view!

  1. You are in the lounge of a hotel and you notice a woman in her forties on the next table. A man enters, and their eyes meet for a long couple of seconds, but he turns away. The woman’s husband is at the bar; he greets the man as a colleague. The husband brings the man over to his wife and introduces them as if they were strangers to each other…
  2. You’ve strayed into a seedy part of town; rounding a corner there’s an elderly man on the other side of the road having a blazing row with a portly young man. He’s furious, trying to hit the younger one who hurries away. The old man leans against a wall as if about to collapse. A bouncer in the doorway of a club goes and helps the old man, taking him into the club.



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