Our WordPress/Facebook friends, Arun Scribes are holding a party! It’s a virtual party to celebrate/launch their new books and looks as if it’s going to be great fun!

You are invited!! The venue is Facebook, the time is 7pm (British Summer Time) and here is a link to where you can join the gang:


Here are some details:

After days of practice, tantrums, tears, chaos and yet more practice, we are finally ready for our big online launch. Angela Petch (‘Now and Then in Tuscany’), Rosemary Noble (‘Ranter’s Wharf’) and Patricia Feinberg Stoner (‘At Home in the Pays d’Oc’) will be waiting to welcome you to the Arun Scribes Facebook page https://tinyurl.com/ltpqtpk from 7pm our time (British Summer time).  Provided all goes well you will be able to ask us questions, enter competitions for book-giveaways, leave your comments and even indulge in some (virtual) refreshments. I hope you will join us.

You can find more on their WordPress page:


…and this is what they tell us…

Over the last month, we have been busy doing lots of crazy things, making a silent film, creating a radio broadcast, tweeting like crazy – you name it – we’ve been doing a lot of pimping our new books. But the craziest thing of all is our Virtual launch Party…



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