Adenosine, alanine, androsterone

Calciferol,carotenoids, cephalin


Citruline, creatine, dihydrotestosterone

Erythrocytes. Ethanol, globulin


Lecithin, Leucocytes, lysozyme

Lithium, manganese, niacin


Ornithine, oxalate, pentose, proline

Protoporphyrin, pyrimidine, secretin



Taurin, thiamine threonine, thyroxine,

Transcortin, tryptophan, tyrosine


© Gillian Peall



2 thoughts on “THE SOUND OF BLOOD

  1. I really like this poem, the scientific names and the alphabetical structure makes sense.I like the way the title ‘Sound’ adds to the movement and I imagine the ‘swish, swish’ as the heart beats.


    • Thank you! It actually sounds better read aloud – if you can get your tongue round the science! I had to practice a bit before I read it to our Creative Writing class!


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