We have been sharing ideas to inspire you to write, and to stimulate and activate those writing muscles; today we are thinking about that moment in writing when you don’t know what’s next… This might be

  • the next word
  • the next verse
  • the next instalment
  • the next unexpected thing your hero is going to discover
  • the next twist in the plot
  • the next move in a fictional relationship
  • the next poem you’re going to write
  • the next blog you’re going to post
  • the next character you’re going to introduce
  • the next point you’re going to argue
  • the next room your characters are going to move into
  • the next day
  • the next subject you’re going to discuss
  • the next ode you’re going to compose

… and many more nexts. Maybe you are stuck, your mind is empty and you can’t think of your ‘next’. Stay where you are and look round you, what can you see, look at the small, the particular, something on a windowsill or mantelpiece, an image on the cover of a book or magazine, a word on the back of a DVD cover…I’m sitting in my little writing room, at my desk, bookshelves beside and behind me, the window on the other side… what can i see

  • flags
  • the letter ‘R’
  • ladybirds
  • beer bottles
  • a horse
  • sixty-five
  • Glasgow
  • cowboy
  • drainpipe
  • lipstick
  • spy
  • ukulele
  • lighter
  • pig
  • seed pod
  • Colmar
  • bridge
  • archaeologist

I’m sure something among those random items, words, photos, covers, ornaments, would trigger some spark, would help me out of the ‘what should happen next?‘ rut!

Look round, what can you see?



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