One week to go in our Writes of Spring initiative…

Perhaps over the winter months you have been beavering away at your family history research, maybe now the weather is nicer you’re getting out more and maybe as part of finding out about your family story you are visiting places connected with your people in the past. Maybe now is the time to begin to think about how you are going to tell your story – maybe the story of yourself, and the stories of your parents, grandparents and ancestors.

You might have many thoughts, and many pieces of paper, but how to bring it together… Here is part 1 of what you might like to consider in organising this project – you can think about it while out and about visiting those ancestral homes and family memorials!

  1. Life story
  2. My story

My life – the history of me
School story
Work story
My travels
Romantic/adventure/interesting stories about me
My life in music/sport/theatre etc
My beliefs – religious/spiritual/ethical/political
My hero/heroine someone I admire
My hobbies, interests, pastimes, passions, activities
My fantasy life

  1. My children’s story
  2. My family story

My parents and grandparents
Stories my parents and grandparents told me about the family
Things I have found out through research

  1. My genealogical research story

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