Writes of Spring… what have we been thinking about? Each day throughout April we have been offering suggestions to inspire you to write:

  1. harmless tricks, spoofs and comedy
  2. From you have I been absent in the spring
  3. When I’m sixty-four
  4. https://www.thoughtco.com/steps-to-writing-your-family-history-1422877
  5. Take a fresh look at characters
  6. Who is telling the story?
  7. Thinking about place as a location
  8. Thinking about place in time
  9. A story can be told in many ways
  10. Points of view
  11. Let’s think about the plot
  12. More points of view, different point of view
  13. Beginnings
  14. Endings
  15. Even more, different points of view
  16. Watch the world go by
  17. Further points of view
  18. what’s next – what can you see?
  19. Pathetic fallacy – the personification of inanimate objects in  nature
  20. My story – my life – the history of me
  21. They flee from me that sometime did me seek
  22. An ordinary garden or kitchen tool,
  23. Song title
  24. Have you got story to tell?
  25. Looking back, reviewing, revisiting, being retrospectively inspired

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