We shared a post yesterday from Lois Elsden, thinking about names and naming people in stories. here is a little exercise for you… maybe you could look at these pictures, and look at these names and see if you can match them – as characters to be written about!

Some randomly made up names:

  1. Aaliyah Daniels
  2. Alexander Avery
  3. Aubrey Williams
  4. Audrey Joseph
  5. Ava Mason
  6. Caleb Harper
  7. Claire Tyler
  8. Elizabeth Evans
  9. Ella Ryan
  10. Jack Madison
  11. Emily Logan
  12. Zachary Jackson
  13. Evelyn Isaac
  14. Gabriel Riley
  15. Luke Peyton
  16. Michael Addison

Maybe you can create characters from these suggestions, or maybe you can look at the pictures and a name springs to the front of your mind, or maybe you look at the names and imagine the person they belong to…

Then maybe, you might write about them! Do they know each other? Are they in the same story? Are you telling their story as them? it’s up to you!

Here is a link to yesterday’s post:


…and here is a link to Lois’s books:



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