This is a post from Veronica Lane, an author who lives in Melbourne Australia. We hope this is the first of many posts from her.


Just another Day

It started just like any other day.  Louise jumped out of bed at 6.32am, turned on her Ipad. Hell, it’s flat she thought as she reached for the charger.  Oh no, mum took it into her room last night ‘cause I was using it so late and she will really kill me if I wake her this early.

Five minutes of opening and closing doors and cupboards loudly, and it was clear mum wasn’t going to wake easily, so Louise grabbed a CD to pop on while she made her toast.  Oh no, the player wasn’t working, a little music, a scraping sound, then dead.  Out came another CD.  Oh no, it must be the player, this one isn’t working at all, thought Louise.

After a bit more door banging and singing to try to wake mum, Louise sighed and put some bread in the toaster.  Distracted by her dog, Jess, needing to go outside Louise came back into the kitchen to find the smoke alarm going and a heavy smell of burnt toast.  Oh no, someone must have turned the dial too high.

A few minutes later, after waving a towel at the alarm and opening the window, Louise listened to hear if mum was walking down the hall.  No such luck, oh well there’s plenty of bread. Then Louise had the brilliant idea of waking mum with a nice cup of tea, so she filled the electric kettle and turned it on.

Humming happily at her smart master plan, Louise popped some more bread into the toaster, pushed the lever down and with a big flash and slight “phut” the toaster died, all lights went off, and the button of the electric Kettle popped out.  Oh no thought Katherine, “what did I do?” Mum will really kill me now.  Flicking the light switches on and off, fiddling with the toaster, Katherine got more and more frantic and more and more hungry.  This is dumb, she eventually thought, I didn’t do anything wrong, so there’s no need to panic.

Hunting through the cupboards, Louise opened the lid to the muesli container, oh no, only to find it empty.  “Can anything else go wrong today?” she thought in despair.  Noticing a packet of sultanas nearby, she rolled some into her hand and scoffed them straight down.  That’s better she thought as she went to the fridge and started to open a carton of milk.  Gosh, it seems hard to open, keeps squishing down, oh no, I’m opening the wrong side.  Finally getting the carton open, Louise started to pour a large glass of milk.

Distracted by the kitchen door opening, Louise turned her head and suddenly felt cold on her leg.  Oh no, milk had poured over the table, on to her leg and on to the chair and floor.  This was too much and Louise suddenly dissolved into tears, just as her bleary eyed mother entered the room.Sweeping Louise into her arms, mum cuddled and comforted, clucking and soothingly whispering “There, there lovely girl, I’ve told you never to cry over spilt milk.”

© Ronnie Lane 2017


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