Here is a condensed version of an interesting, amusing and true, oh so true blog from Carol Hedges; do go to her page and read this in the full, and then maybe take the time to read some of her other writing too!

  1. Try to write on something that is NOT online or connected to the internet; in this way you won’t be tempted to check Facebook/Twitter etc. every 5 minutes. Or less.
  2. If you are writing internet-free, make sure you aren’t in the same room as something which is connected (see 1).
  3. If you can’t accomplish 1 and 2 for physical/financial/or any other  reasons, try to timetable specific times of the day to Tweet/update your Facebook/ etc. DO NOT GIVE INTO TEMPTATION
  4. Unless it is for specific a specific or particular thing, dickering about on Google is not ‘research’.
  5. Don’t read or take any notice of ‘I wrote a whole novel today – go me!‘ claims on social media
  6. There is no such thing as ‘Writer’s Block’, it is just a feeble excuse for not writing.
  7. This is on Carol’s list but I’m not sure it actually applies to everyon, but it’s a very supportive message! If you are not constantly awash with doubt/fear/insecurity/self-loathing/envy/anxiety/panic, you probably aren’t a writer
  8. The only way to write a book is to write a book.

For me, the cardinal rule is number 8!!

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