We may have shared these before… but have a think about these ‘controversial’ questions… maybe write factually or maybe be creative and use the debate for a starting point of something fictional!

For or against…

  • Tif vs mif? – When drinking tea should it be tea in first or milk in first… ( and/or, should it be cif vs mif – coffee in first or milk in first?)
  • Should there be an English national costume?
  • Should bicycles and bike riders have right of way over pedestrians and other traffic?
  • Just as the French have L’Académie Francaise, should there be an English Academy to properly govern and regulate our language?
  • Cream tea – is the Cornish way correct (jam on first, then cream) or the Devon way (cream on first, then jam)… and is there a Somerset way? … or a Dorset way?
  • U or non-U? Did it ever matter, does it still matter?
  • Is it acceptable to dunk biscuits into tea/coffee/drinking chocolate?
  • Should privet hedges be banned?
  • Should St George’s Day be official?
  • Should there be a list of acceptable names for children, as there is in such countries as Germany and Iceland?

What are your thoughts?


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