Lois Elsden leads several writing groups; here is her introduction to new members of her creative writing group:

Everyone has a story to tell, apparently! In our writing groups,  that’s exactly what we do, write and tell stories! The afternoon falls into two parts, separated by refreshments; for the first three-quarters of an hour, we talk and discuss different aspects of writing, maybe it’s how we choose names for our characters, maybe we think about places and settings and how to describe them, maybe it’s thinking about beginnings and endings, maybe there is a picture stimulus, or a set of objects… all sorts of different ideas to stimulate the creative process! A topic is suggested for the following meeting – but a suggestion is all it is – writing is what’s important, expressing ourselves, telling tales! After the break we share what we have written since we last met. Kindly criticism is always welcome, but usually it’s enthusiastic praise and encouragement.
Here’s the start of a story…

Afterwards Alex couldn’t properly remember what happened, what happened in those seconds which changed lives for ever. There they all were, standing in the sun among the crowd of enthusiasts, shading their eyes with the glare, waiting for the next vintage car to pass… squinting, the heat on bare arms, the smell of the fumes the chatter of the crowd… Then there was a gap and Alex was lying on grass, anxious faces all around, distant wails and screams and sirens and then a helicopter was overhead… and then things vanished…

What happens next? Do you know?

© Lois Elsden 2017

Here’s a check-list of some of Lois’s ideas:

  • beginnings
  • stimulus (pictures, memories, objects etc)
  • naming characters (and places)
  • places and settings (location and time)
  • description (places and people)
  • endings

… and here is a link to Lois’s ebooks and her paperback novel, Radwinter:



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