I lived sadly in my loneliness

So I sought out a friend

Not a best friend, bosom pal

Just a welcome and a cup of tea friend.


I went to coffee Mornings

And found cliques and coteries of committed

Do-gooders whose remit never reached

The lonely.


I tried clubs, classes, full of

Earnest hobbyists, student linguists

Whose eyes met mine, passed over, she’s a loser

Seeing in others what they denied

In themselves.


Therefore I decided to inhabit my loneliness

And wear it as a favourite coat

I got a rescue dog, a little mongrel

And together we walk and explore.


I joined the Library, go every Monday

Get through five or six books a week

I like myself now.   I am not lonely

Merely one who likes aloneness.

© Gillian Peall


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