We have changed the title of this series from Climate Change to a title that encompasses the planet wide natural crisis.

The Welsh Government is taking the approach that we are using 2.7 times our share of the planet’s resources. The average person on this planet uses 1.0 so that you can see that we need to scale back quite a lot.

Closely aligned to the commitments to tackling climate change is the Welsh Government’s approach to reducing the ecological footprint of Wales. Our Sustainable Development Scheme sets out an ambition for Wales to use its fair share of the Earth’s resources, where, within a generation, our ecological footprint is reduced to the global average availability of resources – 1.88 global hectares per person. The current footprint shows that, if everyone on the Earth lived as we do, we would use 2.7 planets worth of resources. Reducing Wales’ ecological footprint will require a large reduction in the total resources used to sustain our lifestyles. The policy and guidance set out here in PPW will make an important contribution to reducing our footprint, whilst delivering sustainable development and tackling climate change.
This excerpt is taken from David Thorpe’s book:

His web site is here:

We will set out in the coming weeks what we think we should do as individuals and then design a pledge covering these actions and invite people to sign up for these actions.

We will leave the collective actions to governments to act on advice from scientists, children and young people who are rapidly realising that we are robbing them of their future.

We invite you to put forward names for this pledge and to comment either at the end of this blog post or by the use of our e mail address which is:


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