This is a copy of an e mail I recently sent to the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan. ( OTPP ) who are the majority owners of Bristol ( UK ) airport.
This is a small regional airport that has recently applied to the Local Council ( North Somerset ) to expand the airport by some 50%.
There are so many arguments against this that I don’t propose to outline them here – just direct you to the link to a local action group – which includes a video made by local young people. They think that the Ontario Teachers want to destroy their future – do you think they are right?

 The video is here.

You will know by now of the local resistance to the planned expansion of your airport at Bristol UK.
I am an older person ( 73 ) but I am fully aware of the natural crisis that the UN report laid out for us this week.
In view of this existential threat to nature and hence to all of us humans, there is an urgent need to ensure that there is nature left for the future of our children and grandchildren.
Air travel must decrease over the next few years and not expand – for obvious reasons that I will not patronise you by explaining.
If air travel decreases then there is no need for airport expansion so perhaps you could invest in trees instead?
My objections to your proposed airport expansion are:
1 – There will be no need for extra airport capacity soon
2 – Your are educating children for a future that you are helping to destroy
3 – If you stopped all flying from this airport, you could invest in trees and so return Broadfield Down to its natural forest. These trees could partly offset your other polluting activities.
You are an investment unit that reports to active and retired teachers that will understand these arguments as, by definition, they are educated people.
I look forward to an early decision from you to reverse this investment proposal to further despoil our beautiful local area like the carpet baggers of old.
Please, at least engage in a discussion with me and the students in this area who are busy organising to prevent this “beyond absurd” ( To quote Greta ) idea going ahead.
I look forward to hearing from you that you have read and understood this message.
You may care to look at the recent post on our blog on this issue.
Thank you and best wishes

© Erodraca 2019


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