May 2nd… and our April review

Welcome to our April review. It’s over a year since our world and our lives changed so dramatically, and for many so disastrously. Here in the UK we are seeing the light at the end of a very long tunnel, and we hope wherever you live the same is or will soon be true for you too. However, we aren’t forgetting those parts of the world where the situation is extremely serious and challenging, and we send our thoughts and hopes for change and improvement to everyone in those stricken places. Maybe our writing, and yours too, has been a support to you, and we send wishes that in the months ahead it will continue. We hope that you, your family and friends are safe and well, and offer our sincere thoughts to any of you who have been affected in any way whatsoever.

First of all…

The beginning of the year is often a quiet time, but now as the world opens we have been busy but carefully rejoining life as it should be. In our different ways this new life has been demanding and have not been as hot on writing which we regret has somewhat taken a back seat. However, as the days become longer and positive thoughts and feelings are springing like the seasonal flowers, maybe our thoughts will burst into leaf this coming month.

So, a few stats: in April we posted 6 stories, poems and other pieces which received 543 views, had 424 lovely visitors, 18 likes and 3 comments from 35 different countries.  As ever, it is really great and much appreciated, thank you very much to you all across the world! To all our readers, world-wide, thank you so much for joining us, and welcome to all our new friends.

The blog

We continue our busy 2021 writing activities, especially now when going out is not always an option; we may not roam outside, but we can roam in our imaginations! We continue to share our concerns about global issues and especially climate warming and the effects the way we live our lives impacts on our world. The situation home and abroad might be brightening, but the advice remains the same – you know what you have to do in your own country wherever you are, so do the right thing, protect yourselves, protect your family and friends, help the world to heal.

On a positive note, we welcome any contributions to our blog, especially now, from anyone who would like to write articles, stories or poems about anything! We love to share others writing of all sorts! Please send us any stories, poems, articles which we can share here – copyrighted to you and with full credits to you and links to your places!


Lois’s news:

Lois has busy with her next and as yet untitled Radwinter story, number eight in the series. She has also set herself a new challenge, which appears on her own blog, . On the occasion of the late Captain Sir Tom Moore’s birthday, a hundred day challenge has been announced. Ordinary folk have been challenged to do a hundred of a thing over a hundred days, and to be sponsored or donate to the Captain Tom Foundation. So what will Lois do? She will attempt to write a hundred word blog each day for a hundred days! She will update us next review when she will be thirty-one days into the challenge.

Richard’s news:

As ever, Richard continues to busily pursue a variety of different writing projects, – and just to remind you all, his latest book, An Arctic Adventure is available now; it chronicles his adventures in Greenland and Iceland. Go to his Richard Kefford Amazon page where you will find it and his other books! Richard is polishing up his magnifying lens and geologist’s hammer, waterproofing his boots and refolding his maps ready for some rocky adventures. He hopes to be out with his geology group on walks, rambles and adventures, and no doubt will share them here.

Other dragon news:

John, Lois and Richard belong to a writing group who are now pulling together stories, poems and other pieces to make a collection for an anthology. Early days, but we will bring you news and more details as it becomes available. The working title is Pendemic: 5 writers in lockdown.

Dragon publications

All our published work is available on Amazon, search for Gillian Peall, John Watts, Richard Kefford, and Lois Elsden.

Just a reminder that our friend historian and blogger, Andrew Simpson, who shares many of the stories from his own blog, is writing some very interesting articles not only addressing the difficulties of our times, but how ordinary people, just like us, coped in the past. You can find his blog ; his published books are available on Amazon.

A further reminder, our friend Ann Bancroft also has a book available on Amazon, an account of her spiritual journey.

Until the end of next month, au revoir! Keep following our blog!!

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I am a writer living in the west of England; I have written fourrteen novels, my latest being 'Winterdyke' This is the latest of the seven Radwinter genealogical mysteries series, all available on Amazon - the eighth in the series due to appear in early summer. I have written seven other novels, a guide to writing, three stories for reluctant readers and two anthologies with other writers. All are available as eBooks and paperbacks. I hope my blog will engage you with my other interests, music, family history travel, and food... Most of all I hope you engage with my writing and my thoughts on the process... at least, on my process!! You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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